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Nam Kee Badaee Dae

Mantra: Nam Kee Badaee Dae

Complete Mantra:
jaa ko mun dhaan dharai firath sagal jug kabahu k kooo paavai aatham pragaas ko | baedh baanee sehith biranch jas gaavai jaa ko siv mun gehi n thajaath kabilaas kano | jaa kaau jogee jathee sidh saadhik anaek thap jattaa joott bhaekh keeeae firath oudhaas ko | s thin sathigur sukh bhaae kirapaa dhaaree jeea naam kee baddaaee dhee gur raamadhaas ko |5|

For His Sake, the silent sages meditated and focused their consciousness, wandering all the ages through; rarely, if ever, their souls were enlightened. In the Hymns of the Vedas, Brahma sang His Praises; for His Sake, Shiva the silent sage held his place on the Kailaash Mountain. For His Sake, the Yogis, celibates, Siddhas and seekers, the countless sects of fanatics with matted hair wear religious robes, wandering as detached renunciates. That True Guru, by the Pleasure of His Will, showered His Mercy upon all beings, and blessed Guru Raam Daas with the Glorious Greatness of the Naam. ||5||

Bhatt Mathuraa

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