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Nami Danam Chi Manzil

Mantra: Nami Danam Chi Manzil

Complete Mantra:
Nami danam chi manzil bood shab jaay ki man boodam;
Baharsu raqs-e bismil bood shab jaay ki man boodam.
Pari paikar nigaar-e sarw qadde laala rukhsare;
Sarapa aafat-e dil bood shab jaay ki man boodam.
Khuda khud meer-e majlis bood andar laamakan Khusrau;
Muhammad shamm-e mehfil bood shab jaay ki man boodam.

I wonder what was the place where I was last night, all around me were half-slaughtered victims of love, tossing about in agony. There was a nymph-like beloved with cypress-like form and tulip-like face, ruthlessly playing havoc with the hearts of the lovers. God himself was the master of ceremonies in that heavenly court, oh Khusrau, where (the face of) the Prophet too was shedding light like a candle.

More Information:
Mantra and translation courtesy of:

Amir Khusrau


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