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New Moola Mantra
    New Moola Mantra
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      New Moola Mantra  
      Artist: Miguel Angel Lopez

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    Individual Songs
    1. New Moola Mantra 108 reps - 51:04
    2. New Moola Mantra 21 reps - 11:11
    3. New Moola Mantra Water - 11:20

    As the Phenomenon of Oneness continues change and grow so do these Powerful Mantras.The Moola Mantra, which means Root Mantra, is a very powerful and life changing mantra that opens a door for one to directly access Divine Grace.

    The Mantra calls upon the highest aspects of Divinity which gives a person the ability to have their prayers and intentions answered in a very direct and fast way.

    This sacred Mantra can be chanted internally or externally and can be used to answer any prayer a person holds in their heart.

    Om Shreem Sarveshvaraaya Namaha ( Salutations to the All That Is )

    Om Shreem Param Jyothiye Namaha ( Salutations to The Supreme Light )

    Om Shreem Param Premaya Namaha ( Salutations to the Supreme Love )

    Om Shreem Param Kaarunyaaya Namaha ( Salutations to the Supreme Kidness )

    Om Shreem Param Pavithraya Namaha ( Salutations to the Supreme Sacredness )

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    Miguel Angel Lopez is a musician and singer, who has been exploring the practice of Meditation and Mantras since 2008. He began teaching Meditation and Oneness courses in 2010 and completed his Oneness Trainer in 2012. Miguel started recording with Invincible Recording studio 2012 and has a passion for sharing healing music to the world.
    Lead Vocals by Miguel Angel Lopez
    Music by Liv Singh Khalsa
    Recorded and Mix at Invincible Recording Studio by Liv Singh Khalsa
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