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Relax & enjoy Dev Suroop Kaur's beautiful & soothing sacred chants while setting yourself for success and ease in the day ahead with this Music for Morning meditation (Sadhana). Features gentle vocals, guitar, violin, river cane flutes & fretless bass.

Radiance Music for Morning Meditation
    Radiance Music for Morning Meditation
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      Radiance Music for Morning Meditation  
      Artist: Dev Suroop Kaur

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    Radiance Music for Morning Meditation
    Length: 60:01:00 CD Price: $18.98
    Individual Songs
    1. Morning Call - 7:50 - Price: $1.29
    2. Waah Yantee - 7:37 - Price: $1.29
    3. Mul Mantra - 7:33 - Price: $1.29
    4. Sat Siree Siree Akal - 7:03 - Price: $1.29
    5. Rakhay Rakhanhaar - 7:10 - Price: $1.29
    6. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio - 23:16 - Price: $1.29
    7. Guru Ram Das Chant - 5:52 - Price: $1.29

    Enjoy this lush and heavenly album for meditation. Created and produced with great care to be timeless, lovely, and deeply chantable. Radiance begins with Long Ek Ong Kaars and includes all of the Aquarian Sadhana mantras.

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5/5 Stars out of 2 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    This lady can sing!!!
    Jai Imam | April 10th, 2017
    Dev Suroop's voice is amazing, prayerful and from the heart.
    Verified Buyer
    One of my Favorite Sadhana Music CDs
    Alex (Harpreem) (Sag Harbor) | January 20th, 2015
    This is one of my favorite sadhana cds, it has all the mantras for the Aquarian Sadhana, including the morning call (or long ek ong kaars), which a lot of the sadhana cds dont include. I find it to be the easiest to chant with at home, the transitions between the mantras is so smooth that I just feel like I pick right up where I left off in the previous mantra. Also it's very easy on the ears melodically, and if your like me in the amrit vela hours your ears are sensitive in those early hours of the morning.
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    Dev Suroop Kaur delights in sharing the pure practicality of nurturing a successful and deeply authentic life. An accomplished musician, recording artist, and Lead Trainer in the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) Aquarian Trainer Academy, Dev Suroop Kaur strives to break it down, keep it real, and guide students to their own empowered authenticity. Or put another way, "An electric fusion of cosmic insight and earth mother humility. Directly wired into the deepest currents of musical soulfulness and yet can't stop giggling about the wonder of it all."

    Liv Singh was born in Osseo, Minnesota. His first music teacher was his grandfather. Liv started playing trumpet when he was 13 years old. When he was 15, he recorded a new age album for friends and family. Liv began practicing meditation in 1972 and at the same year, he started his own record company which became one of the oldest and most successful new age recording companies. Later on, Liv Singh teamed with Livtar Singh and launched an album Liv & Let Liv. After the success of the album, Liv and Livtar Singh Khalsa became a part of a spiritual brotherhood and practiced Kundalini Yoga, chanting and meditation. Liv Singh played guitar and had a huge influences in Sixties rock music.
    1. Morning Call - Initiate your Relationship with the Universal Soul 2. Waah Yantee - Call on Infinity 3. Mul Mantra - Experience the Depth of your Soul 4. Sat Siree Siree Akal - Declare Timelessness 5. Rakhay Rakhanhaar - Invoke Protection 6. Wahe Guru Wahe Jio - Experience Ecstasy & Establish Victory 7. Guru Ram Das Chant - Invoke Guidance & Protective Grace.
    Features gentle vocals, with Rich Flauding on guitar, Kevin Huang on violin, Tony Duncan on river cane flutes & Mike King on fretless bass.
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