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Ram Ram Hari Ram Ram Ram Hari Hari

Mantra: Ram Ram Hari Ram Ram Ram Hari Hari

More Information:
Ram: Raa is sun.
Ma is moon.
Together, they are Ram, God’s creativity.
Hari: Seed of God.

This is a mantra of self-realization to help your experience and project your original self.
The first Ram invokes the creativity and blessing of the universal magnetic field and existence. The second Ram consolidates and protects that magnetic field and creation. The Third ram completes and gives peace through the time of death. The final Hari’s are the platform of the four corners that elevates you in consciousness as you journey across the earth.
The first half of the mantra is a relationship in Naad to the infinite and formless existence and nonexistence. The second half is guidance through the experiences of form and earth. Together the two parts of this mantra are a polarity that takes you beyond polarity to experience and project your original self.

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