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Bolero with a romantic and meditative mood great for study and relaxation.

Ravel's Bolero Fantasy
    Ravel's Bolero Fantasy
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      Ravel's Bolero Fantasy  
      Artist: Ron Feuer and Liv Khalsa

    • $17.98 $12.98

      Format: New jewel case with CD booklet

      SKU: CDINV092

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    Purchase high quality 320 kbps album download
    Ravel's Bolero Fantasy
    Length: 52:54:00 (320kbs) Price: $11.98
    Purchase individual Songs
    1. Intro Fantasy - 4:32 - Price: $1.29
    2. Bolero Part 1 - 13:51 - Price: $2.60
    3. Interlude Fantasy - 5:02 - Price: $1.29
    4. Interlude Fantasy - 6:17 - Price: $1.29
    5. Interlude Fantasy - 3:05 - Price: $1.29
    6. Interlude Fantasy - 3:19 - Price: $1.29
    7. Interlude Fantasy - 16:55 - Price: $3.60

    A Romantic Music Masterpiece! The complete Bolero is beautifully arranged and superbly recorded at a mellow pace to help create a meditative mood. "We used all the original instruments as written by Ravel for the traditional sections and added some very tasteful original interludes. The difference in our approach was to play keyboard sampled classical and pre-classical instruments. When the music was slowed down and performed with these very clear digital instruments, we were pleasantly surprised to hear that Ravel had created music that seemed to move in and out like a ever changing, deep beautiful river. The hypnotic repeating theme became more transparent, with the genius of the composition become clearer and smoother. The skillfully layered instruments create sounds that were surely unheard at the time the music was written, but moreover the dreamy layered textures of sound are even today original and capture a trance-like dance that will create a most mellow and introspective mood."

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    Original music composed and arranged by Ron Feuer and Liv Singh Khalsa
    Produced and mixed by Liv Singh Khalsa
    Keyboards by Ron Feuer
    Additional Keyboards by Liv Singh Khalsa
    Recording and mixed at Invincible Recording Studio
    Cover photo by Paul Loven
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