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Rhythms of Gatka CD
    Rhythms of Gatka CD
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      Rhythms of Gatka CD  
      Artist: Mata Mandir Singh

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    Rhythms of Gatka CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    This music was designed using the traditional Punjabi rhythms to be used in the practice of Gatka and other movement meditations.

    Gatka, or Shakti Yoga as Yogi Bhajan sometimes called it, is a series of movement meditations, kirtan, martial arts and yoga exercises combined with a very sophisticated category of mantra to raise the spirit, strengthen the muscular and nervous systems, build the aura, and facilitate mental equilibrium even in the face of violence or other stressful environments.It is the practice of the Spiritual Warrior based on the ancient techniques of the Indian martial art of Gatka. It is fun, aerobic, interactive and a most effective way of self defense based on the strength of aura and perceptiveness of the mind. “The most effective martial art is the one you never have to use.” Mata Mandir Singh. In more advance stages one learns to use a stick, a cane and other household articles as tools for self defense as well as more traditional weapons such as sword, lathis (Staff) and kirpan (Knife). This album was originally produced for Cassette tape back in the early 1990’s and has been remastered for this CD. It uses rhythms traditionally used by the Sikh warriors to practice the movements of Gatka.

    Musicians on Rythms of Gatka

    Mata Mandir Singh Khalsa, Zamir Achmed Khanand Irshad Khan using
    traditional Asian Indian drums such as Nagara, Dhol, a traditional clay drum from Rajasthan, and the Gong.

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