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Antion Vikram's voice and deep-felt spiritual heart shines right on through every song. His beautifully melodic focus makes for albums that shimmers with the magical energies of the universe.

Sacred Songs of the Sikhs
    Sacred Songs of the Sikhs
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      Sacred Songs of the Sikhs  
      Artist: Antion Vikram Singh

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    Sacred Songs of the Sikhs
    Length: 60:12:00 CD Price: $18.98
    Individual Songs
    1. Jap Waahay Guroo - 3:51 - Price:  $1.29
    2. Hamarai Ghar Aaiaa - 14:26 - Price: $2.60
    3. Gur Satgur Kaa Jo - 11:14 - Price: $2.60
    4. Aartee - 12:19 - Price: $2.60
    5. Dayha Sheevaa - 10:36 - Price: $2.60
    6. Harjan Raakhay - 10:02 - Price: $2.60
    7. Raaj Jog Takhat - 10:06 - Price: $2.60
    8. Anand Sahib - 4:20 - Price:  $1.29

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    Former rock-star Antion Vikram Singh left Eric Burdon and the Animals nearly 30 years ago to pursue a spiritual practice that led him to study and then perform sacred Indian music in Sikh temples throughout the world. He was introduced, by chance, to Hawaiian music and has now succeeded in working it into his eclectic repertoire. And somewhere, is a vision that brings it all together in a sound as uniquely his own as the inner yearnings that guide him. Before he joined the Animals, the London-born guitarist played with entertainers like Rod Stewart and Dusty Springfield. Jimi Hendrix, who once named him as one of his three favorite musicians, alongside idols Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck.

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