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Sat Kartar

Mantra: Sat Kartar

This mantra is recited to open the heart center.

Sat (meaning essence of truth, or being) first identifies in the mantra the soul’s True Sound. Kartar (meaning ‘doer’) combines with Sat to form a phrase meaning ‘One Doer,’ ‘True Manifester,’ or ‘Deliverer of the Truth.’ When these primal sounds are repeated over time, we are in effect opening, expanding, and directing the energetic flow of the pranic center of the heart.

The second aspect of this heart-opening mantra is that it is a key to living in a state of faith. We are calling on our conscious mind to dwell in harmony with our soul-mind in the understanding that the Divine Doer is working in all situations. When we open ourselves to that flow, then we establish and allow a path for the Universe to flow through our lives. By merging our individual will with Divine Will, we experience the trust and flow of the Divine, creating infinite miracles in our lives.

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