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Sell Your Music On the Invincible Music Site

10% Off Everything! Use this promo code at checkout: LOVE

Sell your music downloads and CDs on the Invincible Music site!

1. Can I sell my music on your site?
  1. Yes! We look forward to you sharing your high quality music and making our world a better place.  
  2. What are the goals of the Invincible Music Site?   2. Our site specializes in giving the customer information about the artist and their music that is not usually displayed including links to their YouTube presentations, Facebook, definitive album information and Artist bio. We only sell high quality 320 kbps MP3 downloads.  
3. How can I get my music sold on the Invincible Music site?
3. Please reviews the terms of our agreement here. You can contact us here with your request to sell your music. Your music will be reviewed to see if it fits our styles and quality requirements.
  4. If my music is approved what should I do next?   4. Once your music is approved, you will be given a link to our online form to complete.  
  5. How can I promote my music.   5. Your invited to create your own Blog here. You can promote concerts, events and have links to your site, Facebook and other social media. New artist will be given special front page attention. You may also participate in giving a free download to our subscribers which helps generate additional sale. We can help promote your events in our newsletter which goes out regularly to our extensive Newsletter subscribers.