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Allow the vibrations of the gongs to raise your awareness of your true Self.

Shelter Of Peace
    Shelter Of Peace
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      Shelter Of Peace  
      Artist: Jere Friedman

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    Shelter Of Peace
    Length: 64:31:00 CD Price: $18.98
    Individual Songs
    1. Sedna Speaks - 41:03 - Price: $8.10
    2. Tsunami - 23:28 - Price: $4.50

    Allow the vibrations of the gongs to raise your awareness of your true Self, balance your energies, uplift your spiritual essence, and bring you into alignment with Universal Truth.

    1. Sedna Speaks (41:03) is an example of one of my full-length gongbaths. I initially play Mr. Charlie and, after a few minutes, bring in Sylvia and Eiyeh Asher Eiyeh. After approximately 18 minutes, I gradually bring in Al Tira (the Sedna) and eventually play that gong exclusively until about 29 minutes into the meditation. The Sedna gong is very powerful medicine - it expands and challenges our ideas and assumptions about the very nature of the cosmos, opening us to new paradigms and non-duality, and provides us with access into the deep layers of the personal and collective unconscious, our super conscious, and Universal intelligences. After this intense vibrational blast, I return to the other gongs to conclude.

    2. Tsunami (23:28) "Tsunami" is an intense meditation based on the teachings of Gongmaster Don Conreaux. This piece is played solely on Mr. Charlie - the sounds are made by using a single mallet to repeatedly strike a single spot on the outer edge of the gong (corresponding with the eighth chakra, or aura) for the entire length of the piece. The pace and intensity of the mallet strikes are increased imperceptibly over time until the sounds build - like a sonic tsunami - to a crescendo about halfway through. Once the wave crests, the pace and intensity of the mallet strikes are then decreased imperceptibly over time until the sounds, and the listener, resolve into peaceful silence.

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    "The gongs found me." From the moment that the mallet struck the gong at the first gongbath that I ever attended, I felt drawn compelled to learn to play these marvelous instruments and to share with others the feelings of peace and healing they bring to me. It is with great joy that I offer these samples of the short and long gong meditations that I play for myself, my wife, Ellen, and others at private and public gongbaths and other meditation events. Each gongbath is a unique, uplifting, and joyous experience for me as well as the listeners everyone departs feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and energized. I hope you enjoy them. With love and blessings. - Jere Friedman
    Jere Friedman ~ Gongs, vocals, chimes
    Produced and arranged by Jere Friedman ~ Gong2Heaven Productions
    Recorded and mixed by: Jeff Merkel ~ Om Audio
    Mastered by: Liv Singh Khalsa ~ Invincible Recording Studio
    Photos by Joanne West ~ J. West Photography
    Liner notes and design ~ Jere Friedman and Liv Singh Khalsa
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