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Soul Blessings CD
    Soul Blessings CD
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      Soul Blessings CD  
      Artist: Tony Redhouse

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    Soul Blessings CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    In Native American Music tradition, music like art and dance tells a story. These songs reflect our human experience and express the memories, emotions and prayers of life. Soul Blessings is a rich mix of Native American, Afro-Cuban and original music.

    Find your Soul Blessings with these rich layered rhythms, authentic yet soothing Native American chants, flute, guitar and fretless bass. Percussion sounds and bird whistles are from Tony's extensive collection of rare instruments. Tony is a known and internationally respected Navajo teacher, musician and healer. The production style of Liv Singh Khalsa (Crimson Series) adds powerful arrangements and beautiful sonic textures.

    Tony Redhouse:
    Native American Flutes, Bird Whistles, Vocal Chants and Hand Percussion
    Liv S Khalsa:
    Keyboards, Digital Percussion and Drum Kits
    Mike King:
    Electric Bass
    Ric Flauding:
    Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Organ
    Songs written, produced and arranged by Liv S Khalsa & Tony Redhouse

    1. Traveling Home 6:46 The pure, innocent and beautiful child within us is always there to welcome us home. 2. Soul Blessings 6:29 Our life is a beautiful tapestry of the many blessings carefully woven together for us by the Master Weaver of life. 3. Eagle's Dance 5:22 For many Native Americans, the Eagle represents a messenger that travels between the spiritual and earthly realms. His ability to soar into the Heavens provides us with a way for our prayers to be carried to the Spirit. 4. Daydreams 11:54 Our visions and dreams are valuable ways to access wisdom from the past, present and future to help us live today. When this wisdom from the subconscious merges with our conscious thought, our daydreams can become reality. 5. Boy Dancer 6:58 If we continue to practice the playfulness and laughter of childhood, we remain young at heart. 6. Full Moon Boogie 7:48 When we combine the power of the drum, the grounding of Mother Earth and the strength of the full moon, we have a "Full Moon Boogie." 7. Yei-Shango 8:24 In the Dine culture, "Yei" represents the "Holy People" who prescribe powerful designs and symbols used for healing ceremonies. In the Afro-Cuban drum tradition, "Shango" is one of their "Holy People" connected to the drum which, like thunder, is the voice of God heard and felt deeply in our hearts.

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