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Sacred chants sung with the centering and earthy devotional vocals of Livtar Singh for healing and prosperity.

Sound Current
    Sound Current
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      Sound Current  
      Artist: Livtar

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    Sound Current
    Length: 55:54:00 CD Price: $18.98
    Individual Songs
    1. Gunpati Mantra - 7:38 - Price: $1.29
    2. Aad Guray Nameh - 6:24 - Price: $1.29
    3. Guru Gaitri Mantra - 6:29 - Price: $1.29
    4. Aap Sahee Hoa - 10:05 - Price: $2.60
    5. Prithvi Hai Akash Hai - 10:03 - Price: $2.60
    6. 29th Pauri - 15:02 - Price: $3.60

    "The Sound Current" emanates devotion with a raw, stripped-down simplicity and warm authenticity. The current is carried by Livtar's unique voice that is at once strong and vulnerable, mysterious and familiar. The natural warmth and depth of his vocals make you feel right at home. He opens the doors of the heart and welcomes you in to take a rest, reflect and remember; The album invokes an effortless desire to sing along and dwell in the sacredness of the moment. Livtar's name refers to the longing of the soul to merge with the divine. His sound is filled with an unmistakeable longing that is beautifully mirrored in the yearning strings of the violin, guitar, and steel pedal. The album weaves a coherent tapestry of instruments and sounds, both eastern and western, ancient and innovative. Appropriately named "The Sound Current", each song feels like a refreshing drink drawn from the sonic stream of creation. This is the first offering of many to come, from a modern day bhakti yogi who's love for sound and mantra is contagious.

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