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Spirit In Blossom CD
    Spirit In Blossom CD
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      Spirit In Blossom CD  
      Artist: Sat Kartar Kaur

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    Spirit In Blossom CD
    Length: CD Price: $18.98

    Ragas are the ancient musical scales whose sound waves have a profound effect on the human psyche and heart. They are often intertwined into Eastern Mythology. They offer a palette of color of the human emotion, and a stimulation, healing, and release for the spirit.

    All music on this recording, with the exception of the 2nd track, is part of the sacred music of the Sikh religion known as Gurubani Kirtan. These hymn-poems are compositions of the Sikh gurus who wrote them in a state of divine ecstacy. "Kirtan" is the practice of call and response singing, so that the practitioner may both hear and recite these sounds, so as to take them into the body/being for the purpose of upliftment.

    The musical piece, "Yogi" is from the devotion-immersed poetry of Yogi Bhajan, who is both devotee and teacher of the reverent beauty in these sacred hymns.

    Rag Basant is traditionally sung or played when the spring season is beginning. The hymns or shabds in this musical scale describe the flowering of the meditative mind, and soul. Its note interval structure is unusual, compared to most Western music, and is an aural journey into new places.

    1. Aad Guray Nameh - this is a mantra of invocation to the Divine. Also sung for protection, and to commence events. (Sung in Rag Basant)
    2. Yogi - a devotional paean for Guru Ram Das, 4th Guru of the Sikhs, and Yogi Bhajan's own concept and standard of the spiritual frequency of a yogi.
    3. Dekh Phool - Repeating line says, "beholding the blooming of flowers,
    that the soul blooms, and abandons self-conceit."
    4. Basant Cheriah - Chorus means, "the spring has come, plants are flowering, and that all living things blossom forth when consciousness is focused on the Lord."

    Rag Sorath is to be sung between 9PM and midnight. Its soothing sound is said to help create mental composure and peace.This is a serene vibration with which to retire.

    5. Aap Sahay Hoa - Choral refrain says, "the Lord is my helper and support; that this support is true and real."
    6. Meray Prabh - repeating line means "O my God, please bless me with the water of your Name."
    7. Har Dason Sio Preet - means, "the Lord is the lover and friend of his slaves,
    and is controlled by the devotee, in the same way that an instrument is
    controlled by a musician."

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