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This amazing 4 CD collection features the keen compositional mind and a pure, radiant, crystalline voice of Singh Kaur.

The Complete 4 CD Crimson Collection: On Sale!
    The Complete 4 CD Crimson Collection: On Sale!
    Purchase The Complete 4 CD Crimson Collection: On Sale!

    • (5.00) 7 reviews | write a review

      The Complete 4 CD Crimson Collection: On Sale!  
      Artist: Singh Kaur

    • $63.92 $32.00

      Format: New jewel cases with CD booklets


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    4 CDs collection by Singh Kaur on sale for only $32.00. This collection would normally cost $63.92 so you save $31.92!
    Crimson Volume 1 & 2
    Crimson Volume 3
    Crimson Volume 4 & 5
    Crimson Volume 6 & 7

    ★★★★★ ★★★★★
    5.00/5 Stars out of 7 Reviews
    Verified Buyer
    The Crimson Collection is Some of the Most Beautiful Music I've Ever Heard
    Dean Chamness (Fairbanks) | November 17th, 2016
    simply divine!
    Verified Buyer
    Yoga Teacher Series
    Lucy (Manpreet Kaur) (London) | September 22nd, 2016
    I just bought the entire collection of the crimson series, Singh Kaur is like an angel when she chants. Her voice sounds like the ethers, I think its perfect for relaxation in yoga classes. actually I just finished yoga teacher training and feel like all the crimson series work for relaxation, except for volume 3 which is better for tough kriya sets. I just wanted to let all the other teachers that are in training know that these are good to have for teaching class. I also really like the harp playing throughout these series.
    Verified Buyer
    Singh Kaur + Kim Robertson = Perfection
    L. Vasquez (Baxley) | July 1st, 2016
    I've owned the entire Crimson series on both CD and tape for years. Its been such a blessing to play some of them for a special new person in my life. I profoundly enjoy this wonderful music.
    Verified Buyer
    great cd
    john smith | September 16th, 2010
    great cd
    Verified Buyer
    Comfort Music
    Jesus Aguilar | July 29th, 2010
    I work in palliative care and when I receive families of just when I am by myself I really enjoy this peaceful music. Thank you and Many Blessings!
    Verified Buyer
    Ed Baker (Erie) | July 29th, 2010
    I just discovered your Crimson Collection. It is so beautiful I can hardly stand it! I hope you have posters of your album artwork.
    Verified Buyer
    Each CD is a unique contribution to my collection
    Bhai Kaur | July 7th, 2010
    I adore this music and have for over 16 years! I am very grateful to have finally completed my collection of Singh Kaur's Crimson CDs.
    Guru Ram Das Video

    Mender of Hearts Video featuring music by Singh Kaur.

    Remember Him Video featuring music by Singh Kaur.

    Blessings Video featuring music by Singh Kaur.

    Ardas Video featuring music by Singh Kaur.

    Liberation Video featuring music by Singh Kaur.

    Crimson Collection Medley Video featuring music by Singh Kaur.
    The "Big Source" For Singh Kaur, music, was about something larger than individual accomplishment or creativity. Her lyric creations are love songs from a woman to her lover; from a mother to her children; and from a spiritual seeker to the source of her inspiration.

    Singh Kaur (also known as Lorellei and Laura Drew) possessed both a keen compositional mind and a striking, crystalline voice.

    Singh Kaur's musical journey was one of unique and magical magnitude. Her music reached a wide audience through the hugely popular Crimson Series albums recorded with Kim Robertson. Shortly thereafter, she joined Soundings of The Planet to produce her first Billboard-charting album, Instruments of Peace (1988), followed by What Child Is This, a Christmas album produced with Dean Evenson.

    Singh Kaur was first exposed to the life of music at the age of five, listening to arias sung by her operatic grandmother. At age 14, she bought her first guitar and has been composing and arranging ever since. Her lyrical concepts can be traced to the 14 years that she spent in a yoga ashram studying ancient spiritual teachings and writing music to complement sacred texts.

    Literally translated, Singh Kaur means Lion Princess, and a most appropriate name it was too. Long flowing red hair was her mane, accompanying an exuberant personality, both playful and ferocious. Yogi Bhajan, who crowned her with this name, often said that it held the key to her destiny: "Sing Singh Kaur!" As she sang, so did her soul touch the hearts of others, and in this way she bacame beloved to those who knew or heard her.

    Black & White photos of Singh Kaur by Elizabeth Sadhu

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