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Waheguru Gurmantr Hai

Mantra: Waheguru Gurmantr Hai

Complete Mantra:
Gur Sikhahu gur sikh hai peer peerahu koee
Shabad surat chela guru paramesar soee
Darshani dist dhiaan dhar gur moorat hoee
Shabad surat kar kirtan satisang viloee
Waheguru gurmantr hai jap haumai khoee
aap gavaai aap hai gun gunee paroee

The Guru teaches the students; rare is the one who becomes like the guru.
Only by practicing the word and consciousness can one become God and Guru.
Such a disciple meditates daily on the way of the Guru, and so attains the form of the Guru.
Through recitation of the Name in Kirtan, the disciple merges in the company of saints.
Waheguru is the Guru-Mantra, by reciting it the ego is eradicated.
In this way, one loses one's ego, and is filled with bliss and virtue.

Vaar 13

Bhai Gurdass Ji


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